We offer you a wide array of scripts which cover many aspects of automating InDesign. While these scripts are not as comprehensive or polished as our commercial products, many of them can be very useful and save a tremendous amount of time.

These scripts represent a considerable effort on our part, and while we are offering them as free downloads, please consider making a donation. There is no greater incentive to continue offering free utilities such as these than a little monetary compensation.

Please visit our forum to learn more about scripting.

Script Installer

This is a simple script to help make it easier to install scripts. (Of course you will need to manage to install this script first.)

Show Text Overrides

This startup script adds a menu item which toggles adornments which show where text have style overrides.

Hex Swatches in InDesign

This startup script adds a menu item to your swatches panel that allows you to add hexadecimal swatches (among other cool things).


While this is nothing compared to what you get with Script Bay (link), this is a nice little script which allows for writing and running scripts in InDesign (compatible with InDesign CS3 and later).

Line Numbering

Did you ever wish you could have numbered lines in InDesign? Well, now you can with this script.

Quick Reference Script

Quick Reference is a script created to simplify the process of creating cross references. The download link is an Extension Manager file. If you are having trouble installing it, please click on “Read More” for instructions as well as a zip file for manual installation (if all else fails).

Text Fitting Scripts

Here are two scripts which help with the tedious task of fitting text.

Scale Graphics

If you ever realized in the middle of a job that you need to adjust the size of all your graphics, you will appreciate this script!

Remove Empty Pages

This is a simple script to help you get rid of empty pages in your document.

Freeze Composition

If you were ever given the job of editing text without changing the page breaks, you will appreciate this script.

Preference Manager

This startup script allows you to save and load different preference sets. (CS4 and later)

Select Guides

This script makes it simple to select a lot of guides at once.

Jump to Page in Book

This script is similar to the “Command/Control J” shortcut, but it works on Book files.

Story Cloner

This script allows creation of “Cloned Stories” which are kept automatically in sync with each other. (requires APID ToolAssistant)

Apply No Master to Empty Pages

This script applied the [None] master page to empty pages. Empty pages can be defined in two ways.

Apply Nested Styles

This script (requested by David Blatner) directly applies nested styles. It works on nested, GREP, and line styles. Warning: this script will override any manually applied character styles which conflict with the nested styles!

Table Merger

This is a simple script which merges two tables. You can select to either merge horizontally or vertically. To use the script, select two tables and run it.

Fix Paragraph Leading

This is a simple script which ensures the leading of all end-of-paragraph marks match the text before it.

Separate Pages

This script breaks apart the spreads in the active document. This is useful for enabling inner bleeds.

History Scripts

These scripts pop up simple dialogs for moving forward or backwards in the undo stack.

Caps to Small Caps

This script will convert “All Caps” in your document to proper small caps. This script is pretty inflexible. Style Utilities contains a utility with many more options.

Find Hyphenations

This simple script searches your current story for hyphenated words.

Show Paragraph Based-on

This script for CS3 or later displays a dialog which shows the based-on structure of your paragraph styles.

Zoom to Width

This convenient script will zoom to the width of your currently selected object.

Insert a Variable

This script offers a convenient dialog for inserting text variables.

Need a script?

We have written scripts in almost every area of InDesign’s functionality. If you need a custom script, just let us know!
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