CC Plugin Support

We’re happy to announce that our plugins are now available for InDesign CC.

The CC update was a little more difficult than planned. We needed to wait until a critical bug was fixed in InDesign. Before installing the CC version of any of our plugins, make sure you install the InDesign CC update released on January 12 2014.

Future Upgrades

We don’t yet know what our upgrade plan will be moving forward with CC. How we handle it will probably depend on Adobe’s policy going forward in terms of versioning and user feedback. We’re not sure if users want subscriptions to match CC subscriptions, yearly upgrade fees, linking to specific computers, etc. It would be wonderful if we could just give lifetime licenses, but the sad facts are that without revenue from upgrades, it does not pay to sell plugins.

If you have opinions on how we should handle future upgrades, please leave a comment.

No matter how things play out in the future, CC licenses will definitely work until either Adobe changes the InDesign serial number (we don’t know if that will happen or not), or you migrate to a new computer. We will also allow license transfers to a different computer for at least one year from the purchase date.


  1. Brian Brunsting says:

    Your plug-ins have always been reasonably priced. Do what you need to to stay in business (we make good use of these plug-ins). The most “reasonable” for us would be to link it to a computer. That may not give you enough income, though. Yearly, if priced slightly less than current purchase price, would probably seem extremely minimal for people to pay, yet might well give you a bit more income.

  2. David Hillel says:

    does your plugins support CC 2014 version?
    if i buy an upgrade of your plugins to CC, will it work on CC 2014 too?

  3. Vicki Rowland says:

    I’d pay a yearly subscription fee if I could get it working. I downloaded to try it but right now I am using CC 2014 and it doesn’t work. I may have to switch back to CC plain.

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