Script Bay Update

The last week we got many reports that Script Bay stopped working. Apparently, something went wrong with the signature used many years ago. Most likely, it was a self-signed signature which expired and at the time, there was not an option to use a time stamp to keep the signature valid once it expired.

On a personal note, it was very encouraging to hear that so many people cared that Script Bay stopped working. I don’t get much feedback, and it’s good to know it’s appreciated. :)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked on Script Bay and I did not even have the code on my current computer. Thankfully, it was just a matter of checking it out from SVN. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), the code was not really left in a stable state. I had started working on some new features before I stopped working on it and it could not be simply recompiled with a new signature. So, I took the opportunity to fix some issues which needed fixing for a long time:
Script Bay Preferences

The panel should now work much better in CC. The dark UI should be usable. There’s a preference dialog for setting preferences. All data is now saved in user-readable format in the Script Bay directory. This should make trouble-shooting and fixing problems much easier. (You can even hand edit the data if you so desire.)

The preference dialog has a section for setting categories, but it’s currently just a shell and does not work. I left the section in because it would have taken time to strip it out. If I get enough feedback on the feature, I might even finish it, so consider it a teaser… 😉

Of course, the panel is still Flash based, so Script Bay will not work in apps which now only support HTML panels (yes Photoshop, I’m talking about you). It would be a great project to migrate Script Bay to HTML, but I’m going to need a LOT of interest for that to happen…

So, for now, enjoy the new version of Script Bay. You can get it here.

I did not have time to do a lot of QA on this, so please leave a comment if I broke something.



  1. Marshall says:

    count me in as having tremendous interest in an HTML version :)

    If you put it on Github, I’d even provide whatever support I can!

  2. LL says:

    Thank you so much Harbs for the fix and update, it made for a stressful couple of days living without ScriptBay. I’m so glad to have it working again, thank you for your effort, talents and sharing with the community this wonderful little gem. Thank you again.

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks Harbs,

    glad that my most-loved plugin is alive again. As LL said, stressful days without it. Tell me where i can buy you a beer or two.

    Since Adobe (for what reason what so ever) isn’t capable of including this functionality in all CS apps I’ll really hope there will be an HTML version before Flash isn’t supported anymore. Maybe for some more beers or so 😉

  4. Dreamer says:

    link to the older version of the script

  5. Dreamer says:

    I understood. a new version for some reason he downloads to the desktop instead of in downloads

  6. Vika says:

    Thank you !!! I can not imagine working without it

  7. Vitaly says:

    Great! Thank you so much for update! Script Bay is very useful. I know that a lot of designers love it (especially vector stockers)! Please, don’t stop working on it.

  8. Razzy says:

    Wow! Thank you for updates!

  9. deomis says:

    Thank you!

  10. […] has updated In-Tools ScriptBay, which stopped working […]

  11. Hanoch W. says:

    Thank you Harbs for your great work.

  12. nick says:

    Thank you! Last month without script bay was painful.

  13. Ronald Stepp says:

    Doesn’t install in CC 2015, not the signature error, a manifest error of some kind. Is there a workaround?

  14. Jason says:

    When I try to install your extension in cc2016 it tells me missing info from the database and the extension won’t install. Any ideas? Thanks!

  15. I have found that scriptbay doesn’t work for the new CC 2015.3 update.
    Is there anyway around this?


  16. josh says:

    Can you add the script to adobe addons. I keep having tons of issues with installing the extension to Adobe CC (June 2016)

  17. Jen Garcia says:

    ScriptBay has stopped working in the latest versions of the Adobe CC 2015 Suite. Illustrator was bumped up to version 20.0, Photoshop was bumped to version 17.0, etc.

  18. Jan says:

    Hi in-tools team,

    unfortunately it seems like the scriptbay signature is not valid anymore. it stopped working over the weekend.
    An attempt to reinstall scriptbay fails because of an invalid signature.

  19. Silek says:

    I have the same problem with the signature as Jan has above (signature is not valid). I’m using CS6 :(

  20. Harbs says:

    Signatures have stopped working due to various factors relating to operating systems and agencies. The simplest way around the problem is to enable the “debug flag” in the Creative Suite.

    Here are instructions for doing so:

    Scroll down to “Troubleshooting tips” for instructions for Mac and Windows.

  21. LL says:

    I rely heavily on scriptbay for my illustrator scripts (CS5).

    I just recently found out that its not loading / showing. I tried to do the workaround in the link above to no avail. I posted preciously when the certificates stopped and was happy it was then resolved.

    But now again this is very stressful to my workflow and my nerves/health, please help. Can you provide a more exact tutorial how to fix this issue? I am begging for assistance and desperate for help.

    Thank you for your time.

  22. LL says:


    Any help please, I can’t seem to get scriptbay working again as mentioned previously above.

  23. LL says:

    Ok, big sigh of relief. I was able to finally figure it out.


    However this is more of a hack than an actual fix and exposes the user to security vulnerabilities as it effects all extensions.


    I have since noticed @harbs has not posted on the Adobe forums in quite some time and also the @in-tools supported Adobe version numbers are not up to date with the more recent CC. Is @in-tools, still developing and supporting their products?

    Regardless, Scriptbay has been wonderful, I’m happy to have it back working.

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