Koren Publishers Jerusalem

Koren Publishers Jerusalem

Koren Publishers Jerusalem is the publisher of possibly the most popular version of the printed Bible. The Koren Bible is unmatched in its accuracy and typographical quality. In-Tools is happy to have solid relationship with Koren Publishers and we’ve been instrumental in their recent effort to digitize their edition of the Bible.

The process of digitizing the Bible was a huge undertaking on many counts and we’ve been there with them in many of the challenges, but possibly the biggest challenge faced was digitizing their font. The incredibly high quality of their font required an enormous number of OpenType tables — so many in fact that the font reached a point where it could not be compiled in VOLT!

Koren asked us to provide a solution where they could fine-tune the glyph positioning outside the font itself. There were several challenges we faced:

  • Ease of use was of utmost importance
  • Creating the tables needed to be easy
  • Positioning had to be capable of class-based positions
  • Tables needed to be easily editable
  • Updating the text had to be simple

The solution we created was a Flash based panel which runs inside InDesign. All data is saved as XML files:

Glyph Tuner

The glyphs are positioned manually in InDesign. Once the designer is happy with the positioning, it is a simple matter of clicking a button in the panel and the positioning is added to the selected positioning table. The tables are customizable, and the order of glyphs and tables are modified by simple drag & drop. The results were very nice — so nice in fact that Adobe asked us to present this solution at the keynote of the 2010 Creative Suite Developer Summit!

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