Custom Development

In-Tools is uniquely qualified for creating the publishing automation solutions you need because we joined the community from the user’s perspective. The solutions we created were an expression of the challenges we ourselves experienced. We understand your needs as well!

We have a very deep understanding of InDesign and the publishing process. We excel in finding solutions to problems which might appear to not have solutions at all!

We are also very good at showing problems to be non-existent. We are very involved in the publishing community and we are well versed in available solutions. When there’s a ready made solution from another developer or a solution which doesn’t require any third party software, we are very quick to suggest available alternatives. Our response might just be that you don’t need our help! Our client’s best interests are our primary concern!

We can also properly access what the best course of action would be for your individual solution — whether it’s an off-the-shelf product, custom script, custom plug-in, or some combination there-of, you can rest assured that we’ll give you the best advice we can!

We also do not hesitate to suggest the services of one of our highly qualified partners when their skills will serve you best, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you as best we can!

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