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World Tools CS5 With ME and CJK Support

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September 15, 2010 NYC, NY, USA – In-Tools, developers of automated computerized publishing solutions, announces the release of World Tools CS5, a plug-in for InDesign CS5. In this release, In-Tools has collaborated with Zartech Inc. to bring you a vastly improved version of World Tools.

World Tools offers a user interface to enable publishing text with InDesign of practically all the world’s languages! World Tools CS5 has been created from scratch, offering much tighter integration into InDesign, and greatly improving the the user experience. In addition, we now offer an advanced “plus” version which enables the editing of far-eastern languages (such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).

World Tools CS5 adds the following functionality to InDesign:

  • The ability to work in more languages than any other solution for InDesign.
  • Panel for control of all the right-to-left features needed in InDesign.
  • Many ┬ánew numbering formats including those used in Arabic, Hebrew, Indic & Far-Eastern languages.
  • Integration within Character Style, Paragraph Style & Find/Change dialogs.

World Tools Plus CS5 adds the following additional functionality to InDesign:

  • Panel for control of features needed for CJK publishing.
  • Composite Font Editor which enables the creation of “Composite Fonts” which automatically compose text in the correct font based on the language used.

World Tools converts InDesign into simply the most complete solution for multilingual publishing available!

Pricing and Availability:

World Tools and World Tools Plus licenses can be purchased from the product page for the price of $79 and $149 (USD) respectively, for use with a single InDesign CS5 license. (A second activation can be requested if necessary.) A 20 day fully functional Demo is available for download. World Tools is available for both Macintosh and Windows, and is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS5.

Please see the product page for more details.

We hope to be posting more information about World Tools CS5 in the coming days.