Convert All Caps to Small Caps

Convert All Caps to Small Caps with Formatting Tools version 1.0.6

Besides providing CS5 support, our newest update for Formatting Tools includes a new function.

You can now convert all instances of All Caps in your document (or story, selection, etc) to proper small caps.

This brings the formatting functions included in Formatting Tools up to 8 very useful tools!

  1. Conditional Paragraph Style Changer: changes paragraph styles based on the beginning contents of the paragraph.
  2. Style Between Delimiters: applies character styles to text between specified delimiters without having to break your head with GREP expressions.
  3. Create Multi-line Styles: applies paragraph styles to paragraphs with the specified number of lines.
  4. Restyle Consecutive Paragraphs: applies a different paragraph style to the first and/or last paragraph of a run of consecutive paragraphs.
  5. Apply Next Styles: applies the “next style” settings of the selected paragraph styles in the whole document — enabling you to quickly apply styles to massive amounts of text.
  6. Create Hyperlinks from URLs: Intelligently creates proper hyperlinks from URLs in your document.
  7. Change Case by Style: allows character case to be changed en-mass based on character or paragraph styles. It also can applys Smart Title Case.
  8. Convert All Caps to Small Caps: Converts all caps to small caps and optionally applies a character style.

The newest version can be purchased from the product page and downloaded from here: Macintosh Windows

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