Fix For CC 2015.4

We have been recently getting many complaints that the In-Tools Dashboard would not display installed products on Mac.

This issue had us puzzled for a little while, but we got to the bottom of it today. It turns out that a change in the InDesign folder structure broke the logic we were using to find the active Plug-Ins folder. We’ve implemented a fix and we will be updating our installers. In the meantime, we’ve created an AppleScript which replaces the existing Dashboard which has the bug with a new one that should work correctly.

If you are experiencing the problem and installed products are not appearing as installed, please download this file. After downloading, unzip and double-click on this script. If your computer complains that the script is not trusted, right click and select open which should allow you to run the script.FixCC2015

We have also updated our un-installer script to properly remove CC2015 installations. The Mac uninstaller script can be downloaded from here. Windows does not need an uninstaller because the standard “remove programs” function works.

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