In-Tools Plugins Now CS5.5 Compatible

Last week we uploaded new installers for all our products.

The big news of the new installers is CS5.5 compatibility. All our commercial products have been updated to be compatible with CS5.5.

Additionally, we further streamlined our activation process. Until now, InDesign had to be restarted after activating for our products to be fully licensed. We also had some issues with the activation failing for certain users due to permissions issues. Starting with our newest versions activations should be an instant one-click process and the permissions issues that some user had should now be history.

We also packed bug fixes into many of our products, so we recommend that all users update.


  1. B. Hunter says:

    This may seem like a silly question to which I should already know the answer, but where do we get the new installer/what hoops do we jump through if we have both upgraded machines and upgraded to CS5.5? Do we download the trial version and then follow a procedure or is it something else specific?


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