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You’ve been talking and we’re here to tell you that we’ve been listening!

You’ve been telling us that we have great products and customer service, but you’ve also told us that finding and getting acquainted with our products (and sometimes us) has not always been so easy. In the past few months we have spent quite a bit of effort on a number of fronts, and we are now able to offer the fruits of our work.

When you’re done, let us knew what do you think. Easy on the eyes? Makes you hungry for more from In-Tools?

Browse all the pages, particularly the product pages. Fill a shopping cart up to the brim and check out. Find out what a satisfying experience it can be to complete a transaction.

Please let us know you think of our work. Through out the site there are several opportunities to give us feedback.


Fresh! Fun!

We know that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of In-Tools.

Precise! Simple!

Those are the first things that also come to mind when you think of our products. So we decided to make our site a perfect reflection of our company and products.


About a year and a half ago we redid part of our website using WordPress in an effort to better communicate things of interest. While it was largely successful, it lacked organization and the presentation was less than perfect. It was not easy to discover either information of interest or our products.

We have reexamined the whole website and have done a complete redesign which ties into our new branding. You will find the new website much more aesthetically pleasing as well as very easy to navigate. The new website is very logically organized and information is easily discoverable.


In an ongoing effort to help educate users both in our products as well as automation in general, we’ve created a new forum section on our website. Feel free to join in on the discussions there.


We’ve received too many questions from people looking for the documentation for our products. It was obviously not easy enough to find the documentation. We’ve created multiple links on the new site to download the documentation. We hope the documentation will now be easily attainable. We’ve also included the documentation in our installers, and the docs can be viewed from within InDesign as well.


Another complaint we’ve had was that it was too difficult to install our products. We’ve solved that issue as well. All our products now install using standard installers both for Macintosh and for Windows.

No additional installations or fiddling of any kind is required.


Activation is a bit of a dirty word. No one likes it. Not users and not developers. However, it’s a sad fact of life for anyone selling commercial software. We’ve reexamined the activation process to try to make it as painless as possible. We think we’ve done a good job. Activation is done using our new Dashboard from within InDesign. Activation is now a one-click process and purchasing our plugins and suites from within InDesign should be almost as easy!

InTools Menu

As part of our effort to increase cohesiveness in our products, we’ve created a new InTools menu in InDesign where almost all the menu items in our plugins now belong. We hope this will help users discover the features of our products more easily.

In-Tools Dashboard

In an effort to centralize everything about our plugins, we’ve created a new dashboard within InDesign:


The new dashboard brings many improvements to the user experience:

  • It shows at a glance which plugins are installed and what their status is.
  • Activation is easily done with the click of a button.
  • You can see at a glance when a new version of a plugin (or a suite) is available. When it is available, you can download the update at the click of a button.
  • If you want to read the documentation of a specific plugin or suite, all you need to do is click the “Read Manual” button. If the product is installed, it will open the manual in the default PDF reader. If it is not install, the manual will be downloaded directly.
  • Need help? Just click the Get Help button, and it will take you to our product forums where someone will be sure to answer your questions.
  • If you find a problem with our products, we definitely want to know about it! Please click on “Report Bug”, and let us know what happened. Please be as clear as possible so we can reproduce the problem. If necessary, we will contact you for more information.
  • After trying our products, you will probably want to make a purchase. We’ve tried to make that as easy as we can. Just click “Buy”, and you are only a few clicks away from making a purchase.
  • If you’d like to install a product that you don’t currently have installed, clicking on the Install button will download the installer for the selected product.
  • Are you not sure what a product is used for? The dashboard displays a short summary of each product to help you become acquainted with them.


  1. homeland says:

    great new website

  2. Mazeltov on the great new site, Harbs! It looks great. And these new features look like they’ll be a great step forward for users.

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