AutoFlow Pro 1.0.2 update

We’ve been hard at work this week!

We’ve made some improvements in behavior in AutoFlow Pro and we’ve also managed to do another two AutoFlow Pro tutorials – bringing the total up to five! We still have some more to do…

Get the new update here.
Here’s a quick link to the tutorials.

We’ve also been doing work on integrating the new website look into more of our site, and more integration to come.

On an interesting aside, we wrote a cute little script yesterday which will find the next hyphenated word in your current story to make it easier to find bad breaks. You can get the script here.

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  1. admin says:

    There was an error in compilation of version 1.0.2, and it will only work with a version of APID not yet out. We fixed the problem and re-uploaded the release. If you’ve downloaded AutoFlow Pro in the last six hours or so, please do so again!

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