In-Tools plugins now CS5 Compatible

We’ve been hard at work on some really exciting new developments, but we’ve taken some time to make sure all our plugins were updated for CS5 compatibility.

There’s quite a few new features in many of the InBook/InSefer plugins. We’ll try to get some documentation up over the next few days.

We’ve done only basic testing so far, so these should be considered public beta.

For now here’s direct links to download the updated plugins:

For CS5 compatibility you need the newest version of APID available here:
Macintosh Windows

The existing version of World Tools should work with CS5 as-is, but we will soon be releasing a new, improved version.

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  2. James Humphrey says:

    Hi! We’ve used World Tools successfully with InDesign CS4 — however, I just upgraded to CS5 after checking with your website and seeing that it says World Tools should work as is with CS5.
    Unfortunately, that is apparently not so. I dragged the whole APID folder to the CS5 PlugIns folder, and when I launched InDesign it said it did not recognize APID as a valid plug-in. Any solutions?

    • Harbs says:

      Hi James,

      The new (vastly improved) version of World Tools is almost ready. There were some things which delayed release by about a month or so. We hope to release it next week. We have updates for a number of other plug-ins which we hope to release next week as well.

      For now, you can download the CS5 version of APID from here to get up-and-running.

  3. Brian Hunter says:

    In making the upgrade move from CS4 to CS5 I too have copied my APID folder to the new version, plus I noticed the posting about the new CS5 version of APID so I have installed that in place of the CS4 version. However, my World Tools won’t allow me to import my license and it tells me I’m running in Demo mode. Is there something I needed to do differently or is it disabled and my only choice is to purchase the newer version of World Tools?

    Thanks for any guidance/help you can provide!

    • Harbs says:

      With the launch of our new website we released new versions of all our plugins with an improved installation and activation system.

      Please download the new installers from the product pages:

    • Harbs says:

      I did not notice you mentioned upgrading from CS4 to CS5. New versions of InDesign require an upgrade license of the plugin. On the purchase page you should be given an option to buy World Tools for CS5 at a special upgrade price.

      • Brian Hunter says:

        Okay, that makes sense. I’ll take a look. Wasn’t sure about the compatibility of the earlier plugin with the upgraded application and the site doesn’t mention upgrade pricing in an obvious manner on the plug-in page. Wasn’t sure if it was a requirement or not.

        Thanks for the help!

      • B. Hunter says:

        I’m a little confused. I purchased what I believe was the upgrade that is marked as CS4/CS5 (it was the only option so I’m assuming it’s correct), but after following the installation instructions it shows up in the Dashboard, but says it’s (not installed). There is no “activate” button and the “Install” button merely downloads it again. What gives? What did I miss?

        Thanks again; sorry to be a nuisance.

        • Harbs says:

          No problem. The installation is not complete until the first document is opened. After opening or creating a document, your product should be listed as installed. I’m sorry if this is not clear. We try to make this clear of the FAQ page.

          • B. Hunter says:

            Gotcha. I read it, but that didn’t fully sink in for me; it seemed a bit unconventional. Now when I try to activate it says I don’t have a valid license credit, but that may be due to just purchasing it. I’ll try again in a while and see if I get a different result.

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