Show Paragraph Based-on Script

If you ever received a complex document from an unknown source, you know how difficult it can be deciphering the logic (or lack there-of) used to set the document up. When set up correctly, the structure of styles’ based-on dependencies are a tremendously powerful tool for controlling the attributes of text, but trying to figure out how styles interrelate can be very difficult.

There is no way to see which styles are based on which other styles other than opening up each style and examining the based-on selection. This script was created to help discover how styles relate to one another.

Download the script from here.

When the script is launched, it pops up this simple dialog which allows easy browsing of the based-on structure:
Based on Structure

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  1. Stephane says:

    Pretty cool
    it would be appreciate to allow the user to resize the dialog box.
    can you add a checkbox to export the content as text in indesign?

  2. Christopher Zucker says:

    I see this was requested years ago, but I’d like to reiterate.

    It would make this script extremely useful if you could export the contents as a text file. . .

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