Zoom to Width Script

While editing content in InDesign, it can sometimes be very frustrating when content moves out of view. Also, it’s sometimes very convenient to be able to zoom in as close as you can to an object which might be an arbitrary zoom factor. While text is selected, it can be even more frustrating, because it centers the currently selected text rather than the text frame that the text sits in. All too soon, the text moves out of view… :(

We’ve felt these frustrations, and decided to do a little something about it!

This script serves one function: It zooms to the width of the currently selected object, or the text frame which selected text resides in. Just asign a keyboard shortcut to the script, and your frustrations will be greatly reduced!

Download the script from here.

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  1. Uwe Laubender says:

    Thank you for the free script!

    Even better would be a version with the ability to zoom to the “view port”. I mean the visible space taking account of opened palettes that obscure the view of the text frame.


  2. Nathalie Côté says:

    Is it not working with InDesign CS6 anymore ?
    I used to enjoy it a lot…

  3. Septimus says:

    This an essential script. Please make it CS6 compatible!

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